Feminism, Abortion, Dragonfly Doves & Terry Jones

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Digging beneath the surface of the Koran-burning story this morning, feminism rears its head. On a positive note, Joy Revels, owner of a small t-shirt printing company in Gainsville called Dragonfly, is on record having refused to print “Islam is of the devil” for profit.

In printing her own t-shirts saying “Love, not Dove’, Joy Revels is behaving like the typical female entrepreneur, accepting donations but determined to get her message on as many bodies as possible.

We learn from WaPo that abortion politics was a key trigger in the Terry Jones tweet that began this global Koran-burning mess.

And Randall Terry has entered the debate, saying that he will desecrate the Koran this morning in front of the White House. Terry talks fire big-time in his press release. Anne connects all the dots, because remember: all roads today lead to Jerusalem. Read on: Gainsville’s Joy Revels Preaches ‘Love, not Dove’ on T-Shirts.