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We love it! Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News are finally getting organized!  See today’s updates on all new fashion and style editorials including Bianca Balti for Vanity Fair Italia, Irina Shayk for XTI and Marloes Horst for Princesse Tam Tam.  Finally we have editorials from multiple channells and websites lined up in one easy to navigate blog.

Blog #2 Female is up and running. Female references all posts in Sexual Politics, Anne’s Sensually Yours, Body|Beauty|Culture and all channels at Sensuality News.

We are working in the archives each day connecting all of Anne’s extensive writing on female sexuality and sexual politics — from fashion to the halls of Congress in Female.  All articles on libido, sensuality and a healthy lifestyle are also in Female. Getting your daily dose of sensuality news will be even easier. See Female.

NOTE: the short articles in Daily Musings will not be in these major aggregator blogs. Your topic trackers (see right hand blogs) will contain short posts from Daily Musings and still reference new essays.