Female-Friendly Tech Design at CES Show

RedTracker | Helena Stone, the “Chip Chick” reports that not only did last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas feature more products designed to appeal to women, but it offered technological tools that incorporated a female perspective in more subtle — and potentially more substantial ways.

CES spotlighted women’s role as decision-maker, featuring a “Mommy Tech” zone with family-oriented products and panel discussions with women in the industry.

Sonia Nematollah, a Ford engineer who worked on the company’s new MyFord Touch cabin interface, said that an early version of the dashboard computer included a panel with scalloped, or concave, features to control temperature, volume and other instruments.

The design changed with Nematollah, who has longer finger nails, couldn’t operate the panel. Another female-centric change was the passive entry and passive start features that let drivers open and drive cars without inserting keys into locks or ignition. According to Nematollah, female engineers who knew what it was like to walk up to a car, arms full of groceries and children in tow initiated those changes. via ABC News