Facing National Disgrace, French Food Fights Back

DolceTracker| Once known as the epitome of culinary delight and innovation, French food has lost its luster globally. When chefs from the US and Denmark overtake the Francophiles, national culinary pride springs into action.

The WSJ brings us up to date on Omnivore and Le Fooding — guidebooks destined to relaunch France’s gastronomic reputation. Stopping by Omnivore we make the classic observation about the French. As we all bow down to French culture — at AofC we do — how does a website reach new viewers like us, writing only in French?

This is an example of the classic French ‘we are superior” attitude. They often are superior, but when you want to convince the world of that fact, communicating only in French doesn’t connect on a global scale. Read on French Food Fights Back.