'Extreme Makeover' Goes to Homebuilding Rehab

DolceVita| Visions of McMansions danced a long decade of popularity in the minds of aspiring Americans. The American Dream was no longer job security, money in the bank and educating one’s kids at a school far better than your own. Like George Jefferson, all of America was ‘movin’ on up’.

For seven seasons 9.4 million viewers have tuned into the Disneyland-ending stories of poor, struggling families finding themselves in McMansions, thanks to the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” reality television show. Unfortunately, there was no fairy princess left in place to pay the mortgage, once the TV crew left town.

With ‘Extreme Makeove’ McMansions in foreclosure, show producers are reconsidering the strategy of converting 3,000 square foot homes into ‘a 5,300-square-foot English castle boasting five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, five fireplaces and an outdoor kitchen.’

According to the Wall Street Journal, ‘Extreme Makeover’ itself is in rehab. Read on ‘Extreme Makeover’ Show Downsizes Its McMansions.