Expectations Low for WH Health Care 'Summit'

Updated: On Health Bill, GOP’s Road is a New Map NYTimes (details of Republican ideas)

HopeTracker| While President Obama calls the upcoming Feb 25 half-day, health care meeting a ‘summit’, the participants don’t appear to have a positive view of what can be accomplished. All major media are reporting that Republicans say ‘great idea, we’re interested in working with Democrats, as long as we scrap everything and start over. Democrats say ‘not a chance.’

President Obama hopes to walk into the ‘summit’ on Feb 25, with a reconciliation between the House and Senate plans, in the form of some kind of health care reform that can pass with 51 votes.

House Republican leaders delivered a letter to the WH yesterday that included a pointed list of questions they want answered before the event. Specifically, Republicans want to know if the WH will give up ‘reconciliation’ of House and Senate plans, as a way of passing health care reform with 51 votes. via Politico