Even After Overcooking, Brocolli Remains Cancer-Fighting Agent In Body

Love to Eat| Scientists at the University of Illinois have a better understanding of broccoli’s powerful cancer-fighting agent sulforaphane. Most people overcook broccoli, unintentionally destroying the plane enzyme that emits sulforaphane.

Researchers now understand that the microbiota in our digestive tracts step in and help salvage the beneficial sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane also has anti-inflammatory properties, making broccoli effective in combating the effects of many of the chronic diseases that accompany obesity and aging. via Science Daily

On a lighter note, the moment we read that brocolli has anti-inflammatory properties, we think of it in sexual terms. The son of Roman emperor Tiberius was ordered by his father father to stop eating broccoli to curb his penchant for bedding household servants.