Eureka| 'Unmade Bed' Women | Fewer Dust Mites

RedTracker| Old Ladies Rebellion Science has the strangest way of interrupting the trivia of women’s minds … especially mine, a connected- dots female forever linking facts in a way that drives some men crazy.

This morning I relayed the differences between ‘unmade bed’ women and ‘pristine pillow’ ones in my Body Politics blog.

Thinking I was finished with this fascinating subject, I read in BBC News that unmade beds may be good for your health, even if they do leave a respectable woman appearing like a decadent tramp.  Perhaps we can conclude that not only does Meryl Streep have more sex than Sharon Stone — and with abandon, no less.

It’s very likely that Meryl Streep has legions fewer dust mites, if British scientists are correct in their conclusions. Thirty-six fine British homes will undergo dust mite-unmade bed testing. Unfortunately, neither Stone or Streep are on the list. Read on in Women Rebels.