Etam Sp 2010 | Natalia Vodianova

Etam Sp 2010 | Natalia VodianovaFrance’s middle-market brand Etam focuses on choice items for Sp 2010, which is always the French woman’s approach to beautiful dressing. This entire campaign, seen at Fashion Gone Rogue, sums up the range of French style: simple, elegant, chic even when inspired by the farm, fine details, sensual.

Etam Sp 2010 | Natalia VodianovaThe look is French women do Alexa Chung — minus the English eccentric twist. As Mickey Drexler’s Madewell expands its brand offering against existing parent brand J Crew, there’s fertile territory in these photos.

Etam Sp 2010 | Natalia VodianovaSee our Feanne’s writings on this subject. Hopefully she will rejoin us soon after her graduation. Anne

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