Emma Watson | 'People Tree' Fair Trade Clothing

STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM FOR EVER: Emma with brother Alex (left) and friends Sophie and Tafari, who all took part in the English country garden shoot for People Tree GivingTracker| ‘Harry Potter’ star Emma Watson says that you can help people in poor countries by buying the clothes they make — as long as they are ‘fair trade’ made.

Emma has teamed up with ‘People Tree’, giving the brand some serious fashion cred. According to an interview in Daily Mail, Emma Watson isn’t just lending her name to ‘People Tree’. She is deeply involved in rolling up her sleeves with concepts, imagination and long hours.

Off the pedestal and into the trenches represents the evolving Smart Sensuality approach to helping the poor. Many people hope that a new form of hybrid capitalism lies in its bunkers. Read on Emma Watson weaves fashion magic as she unveils her new fair-trade clothing range.