Ellen Von Unwerth | Terry Richardson | Being One With Bonobos and Lindsay Lohan

Private Studio | Lindsay Lohan has a softly starring role in the lens of Ellen Von Unswerth’s editorial of Lohan in GQ Duestch Aug 2010. This is the third set of editorial photos we’ve posted from Ellen Von Unswerth in two days.

Besides bowing down and saying Hail Queen EVU — thanks for treating us sexy girls with an ounce of respect — we want to make the point that Ellen Von Unswerth photographs women with the mind of a bonobo, whereas Terry Richardson uses his chimp brain.

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Anne of Carversville will soon be joining Vanessa Woods, author of “Bonobo Handshake”, in a global campaign to save the female-led, always f*ing around bonobos. It seems like a perfect fit for us.

Anyone who wants to date Anne will have to cough it up for the bonobos and she intends to use a new capitalism, sliding scale on the proper contribution, unless you’re a good-looking film director who makes award-winning documentaries. You know who you are. That constitutes another set of skills that will help the bonobos and counts as capital.

That means someone will be coughing it up bigtime to save the bonobo ladies of the Congo. Details in development but that damn Terry Richardson photo for Pirelli 2010 calendar prompts us to seize the moment. And we thought Italian men had some ooh la la!

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