Elle Fanning | Todd Cole | 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' | Rodarte

Elle Fanning: Rodarte’s Muse on Nowness.com.


Todd Cole’s new collaboration with Rodarte ‘The Curve of Forgotten Things’ starring Elle Fanning grabs our attention for two reasons.

Presenting design duo Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s Spring 2011 collection in a dreamscape journey into the historic Baldwin House, which sits on an oil field in LA’s Baldwin Hills, the film is splendid as a creative showcase for a fashion collection.

NOWNESS writes:

Shot on a RED camera using Cooke lenses from the 70s, the short’s dusty focus references seminal movies of that era, such as Terrence Malick’s Badlands, while Georgia-based indie rockers Deerhunter provide the dreamy soundtrack. As for the title, Cole explains: “It’s the title of a Richard Brautigan poem. The poem and the film are about forgotten things—circles and the curve of time.”

The artistic result is both a social commentary on slow living and also a political statement on America’s loss of manufacturing jobs. Todd Cole’s ‘The Curve of Forgotten Things’ is both inspiring and sobering, and begs for a moment of reflection.