Ellaone Morning After Pill Effective Longer

RedTracker| The abortion debate has taken a new twist. A new morning-after pill Ellaone, which was launched in Britain last December, can be used up to five days after sex. It’s the most effective drug yet in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Even when taken the full five days after unprotected sex, the new pill’s success rate is 50 percent.

Ellaone is currently available only through prescription, which reduces its penetration in the population.

Josephine Quintavalle, of the Pro-Life Alliance, said: ‘If you take a morning-after pill within 24 hours, there is always the argument that the sperm may not have fertilised the egg by then, meaning pregnancy has not yet happened. via Daily Mail

‘But if this pill works for five days there is no argument. This is not a contraceptive, it is an abortion agent.’

‘Not so fast,’ say Ellaone’s scientists. Ellaone delays the release of an egg for fertilisation rather than destroying an implanted embryo. Read on via Daily Mail.