Elizabeth Warren As Elizabeth III | Is She the People's New Queen?

RedTracker| If Conservative Republicans hate Nancy Pelosi as Washington top Snake Charmer, Elizabeth Warren, acting head of the newly-created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau must be ready for spot #2. The Wall Street Journal calls her Elizabeth III.

New York Magazine reminds us that Warren has plenty of Mama Grizzlie in her personality, talking basics like “Dang gummit, somebody has got to stand up on behalf of middle-class families!”

Like Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren is equally lacking in humility before the boys’ club:

“I came up with the idea for this consumer financial-protection agency,” says Elizabeth Warren, President Obama’s controversial new head of the very thing she invented. “It’s mine. I wrote it up when nobody was paying attention. I didn’t have one of the five plans for how we were going to make changes. I had the only plan.” via NYMag

Republicans insist that the American people don’t need any protection from banks or credit card companies. In fact, all these guys are on our side. Threatening to de-fund every initiative passed in the last two years, Republicans

U.S. Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a Texan who may seek a House leadership role, is furious at the role of Warren, who was appointed by President Obama to get the new agency on its feet by next summer, as the law mandates, by acting as its interim director, rather than seeking Senate confirmation. 

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer says that it’s more likely that Republicans will watch closely Warren’s new agency, rather than de-fund it. One thing the Republicans can count on is the fact that Elizabeth Warren has a mouth as big as Nancy Pelosi. Just ask her new boss Tim Geithner.

There are so many broken parts to the consumer-credit market that no one thing dominates,” she says. “Families don’t have the luxury of encountering only one especially tricky credit product. They run into literally thousands of them. So this is not an agency that can slay a single dragon, say, ‘Job well done!’ and then relax.” via NY Mag

With our new political lens of Mama Grizzlie vs Snake Charmer women, let us make clear that the Snake Charmers believe that the boys club needs watching. Mama Grizzlies say give them all the room they need to make America great again. You decide.