Elena Kagan Supreme Court Nomination Confirmed

elena kagan supreme courtUS Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Supreme Court NomineeRedTracker| At 10am today President Obama will nominate US solicitor general Elena Kagan as his second nominee to the US Supreme Court. The best that can be said about the liberal Kagan is that she ‘defines legal gravitas’. (via Washington Post)

First and foremost, President Obama seeks an intellectual counterweight of Chief Justice John Roberts. As former dean of the Harvard Law School, Elena Kagan is known as a Constitutional scholar. Because she has never been a judge, there’s no backlog of past rulings for senators to digest.

Kagan is known for making powerful legal arguments with Conservatives. At a time when the Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck crowd is promoting a theocracy for America — meaning that God will rule our decision-making —  it’s believed that Kagan may be able to sway Anthony Kennedy onto the liberal side in narrow 5-4 decisions.

At age 50, it’s also hoped that Kagan will be on the court for many years. Most reports position Kagan as a brilliant intellectual centrist, and it’s expected that she will win confirmation. Read Politico in-depth.

Let women get down on our knees and pray for the health of Justice Ruth Ginsberg (Judge Ginsberghas suffered from colon cancer). To have three women on the US Supreme Court is an inspiring moment for American women.