Eight Jailed Missionaries Sign Secret Note to NBC Correspondent Kerry Sanders

Eight members of the jailed Haitian missionaries slipped a note to NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders saying that Laura Silsby wants to ‘control everything’.GlobeTracker| Updated now with video: NBC Correspondent Kerry Sanders reported on tonight’s Saturday Evening News that he visited many of the missionaries today in a Haiti jail. Talking to the missionaries without interference from guards but with no photos allowed, group members described their situation as OK but then slipped Kerry Sanders a note.

The note was signed by eight members of the group — all but Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter, Silsby’s nanny, friend and constant companion in public photos.

According to Kerry Sanders, the eight missionaries said that they fear for their lives and that the court will not let them have ‘a say’ in any of the proceedings. More importantly, the note says — per Sanders — that Laura Silsby is controlling everything. (I cannot clarify further, even though I was taking notes. Video now posted for you. )

The group says that Haitian lawyer Edwin Coq may be gone by Monday, replaced by an American attorney.

Sanders reported that he spoke to a sister of one of the missionaries, and she confirmed that there was disagreement in the group, before they set off for Haiti. Anne

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