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Polina Kouklina | Emma Jonsson Dysell | ‘Noire & Blanche’ | Plaza Sweden March 2011

X-posted on Sensuality News

DesignTracker| Anne had a lightbulb moment yesterday — one that will pull all our fashion, style, art and living editorials together in one archived, tagged blog format.  Fashion, style, art and culture articles from both Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News — all relevant channels like Private Studio, Les Artistes and Living — will operate off this blog (name coming.) Today’s new fashion and style posts.

We are working backwards, loading in ALL the editorials in our history. It’s a big job, but we’re moving fast. We will post one update each day on the main news column and that’s it.

We are so excited about this organizational change that two more blogs are coming this week also. Body will pull together Anne’s Sensually Yours, Body | Beauty | Culture and Sexual Politics — all the main articles, including those on Sensuality News. This blog will not have the daily news articles — only our major essays that are now found in the separate channels of the websites. Tagging will allow readers to hit “female sexuality’ and read all our posts that intersect around this theme.

A third archives blog will pull together our writing around international women’s issues, global development and activism.

Anja Rubik | Marcin Tyszka | Piora & skora | Glamour Poland March 2011