Ed Miliband Upsets Brother David for Labour Leader in England

GlobeTracker| It’s not even a year ago that we were writing about Hillary’s crush on British Foreign Minister David Miliband of Gordon Brown’s government.

Our readers know that Gordon Brown’s Labour party lost the British elections. They may not know that Ed Miliband just beat his brother David for top job in the Labour party, winning by 50.65 percent of the party vote, compared to his brother David’s 49.35 percent at the party’s conference in Manchester.

The brothers embraced, with both looking on the verge of tears, before Ed took to the podium to speak as party leader for the first time.

With David looking shell-shocked on the front row, the younger Miliband promised not to let the party down for giving him the ‘honour’ of being their leader.

Turning to his brother, he said: ‘David, I love you so much as a brother and I have so much respect for the campaign you have run.’ via Daily Mail

The five candidates Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Diane Abbott, David Miliband and Andy Burnham wait for the party election results. This turn of events all but ends David Miliband’s hopes of being a future British Prime Minister. Unless you’re a betting person, of course, in which case you know that in today’s political world, events change on a dime.

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