Eating Vegetables Enhances Person's Perceived Attractiveness

RoseTracker| Researcher Dr Ian Stephen says: “Eating five more portions [of fruit and veg] ups your carotenoid levels giving your skin golden tones.”

The cartenoids are antioxidants working to clean up damaging compounds that are part of diet and environment. This coloration is similar to a sun tan among Caucasians. Yet participants in Dr Stephan’s study distinguished between suntan pigmentation and veggie-enriched skin, preferring veggie tones.

Adding more vegetables to our diets is always a must do. If good health isn’t reason enough, let vanity drive our decisions to eat right.

To the extent that humans are like birds, females of a species prefer to mate with brightly-colored birds, whose coloration is driven by eating the same carotenoids.

“The bright yellow ornaments of birds demonstrate that the bearer has such a strong immune system and healthy reproductive system that he has plenty of these valuable antioxidant carotenoids left over to use in ornaments to advertise himself to females,” said Dr Stephen.

Applied to humans, a golden glow becomes a signal of health and fertility.

Only Caucasians were studied, but Dr Stephen believes that similar preferences for skin yellowness were found in an African population. via Daily Mail