Eastern Australia Blanketed by Orange Dust

Greg Wood/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images, via The Associated PressGreenTracker| ”It did feel like Armageddon because when I was in the kitchen looking out the skylight, there was this red glow coming through,” Sydney resident Karen told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. via New York Times

The antis in the global warming debate can remind us that these are not the first dust storms in Australia’s history. As Australia’s worst dust storm in 70 years blanketed the east coast earlier today, the airport closed and milliions of people coughed and wheezed in the streets.

Sydney Australia’s Harbour Bridge photographed by Sydney Morning Herald reader Chris ButtonChecking the Sydney Morning Post just now, the newspaper is reporting that the dust storms are the worst on record. See many more photos: Sydney Blanketed by Red Dust