E Lee Hennessee | Not Your Typical Wall Street Playgirl

RedTracker| Search Google images for “women in Wall Street”, and the top results are babes, of course.

Is it imperative, then, asks Forbes Daniel Freedman that women must act more like men on Wall Street.

Not if you’re E Lee Hennessee, managing principle of Hennessee Group LLC.

Hennessee famously hung up on legendary hedge fund manager (and philanthropist) Michael Steinhardt.

“We got disconnected,” Steinhardt told her, calling back. “No we didn’t, and I don’t want your business anymore,” she replied. After a stunned silence – it was highly unusual for the billionaire to be spoken to that way – Steinhardt asked: “I’m sorry, what did I do?”

Read how North Carolina-born Hennessee became one of New York’s 50 most powerful women, while refuing to be one of the boys. We would love to be flies on the wall, listening to this southern gal respond to sexual innuendos with a verbal slap to the offending trader “you have the manners of a field hand.”

We must remember, that Hennesse arrived in New York with a certain patrimony. I’m not sure women regularly tell the men of Walll Street to f*** off and get away with it. Enjoy the read and a tip or two on making good in the canyons of the Big Apple on her terms.