Dutch Sailor Laura Dekker Arrives In Cape Verde Islands Off West Africa

A look on Sal Island | Cape Verde via Flickr’s nunomurjalRedTracker| Dutch sailor Laura Dekker has arrived in her next stop. The first contours of the island of Sal appeared yesterday afternoon. Laura was greeted by a Cape Verdean official who helped her anchor Guppy in a packed harbor.

In Laura’s own words “When I stepped ashore, I really stepped into Africa; all goes very ‘tranquilo’ here. After getting her passport and papers stamped, Laura was enjoying dinner last night on another Netherlands yacht.

She writes that she will leave Cape Verde this afternoon, heading for the island of Sao. Sail safely, Laura. via Laura Dekker’s blog. Read Laura’s story from the beginning.

One of the colourful building in the centre of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde Islands. The Cape Verde Islands are off the west coast of Africa.. via Flickr’s Heaven’s Gate (John Dalkin)