Dutch Court Custody Ruling on Laura Dekker Due July 27, 2010

Laura Dekker and her father Dick Dekker wait to learn if the Netherlands court will take full custody of her.

RedTracker| A Dutch Court ruled today that it will announce on July 27 its decision on a new request by child care authorities for a one-year joint custody over Laura Dekker.

Both of Laura’s parents back her plan to sail around the world solo. In gaining a one-year permanent ruling over Laura, rather than month by month, the Dutch child care authorities will effectively end Laura’s determination to set sail around the world.

The Dutch child care workers say they are not worried about her sailing skills but her social and physical development. We have followed the Laura Dekker story since it began. Readers feel strongly — including young women — that Laura should be allowed to set sail. Read on Let Laura Dekker Go!