Dr. Muhammad Yunus Interviewed by Bloomberg News

Beyond the Veil | Anne here. I had the enormous pleasure of a front row seat last evening, hearing Grameen Bank’s Dr. Muhammad Yunus speak in New York. Dr. Yunus has been a key principle at the Clinton Global Initiative, running concurrently in Manhattan, with the UN meetings attended by global leaders.

Last night was filled with new news from Dr. Yunus, but a single point made in this interview with Bloomberg News is one also made last evening.

I will explain the Grameen Bank loan process in a separate article, but Dr. Yunus emphasized last evening that Grameen is not concerned with a woman’s past credit history. They are concerned about her future, her idea, how she proposes to repay her loan, and also the evaluations of the other members on her “team”.

No woman launches her business venture “alone” in the Grameen program. Each woman “vouches” for the others on her team.

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