Dr. Dorothy Height | Godmother to American Women

RedTracker| How ironic that America is learning more about Dorothy Height in her death at 98, than in her life devoted to women’s causes including her role as president of the National Council of Negro Women.

President Obama called Height “the godmother of the civil rights movement and a hero to so many Americans.”

“Dr. Height devoted her life to those struggling for equality … and served as the only woman at the highest level of the civil rights movement — witnessing every march and milestone along the way,” Obama said in a statement. via LA Times

We will write a more extensive piece on Dorothy Height but share now a PBS interview with the feminist (her word) leader that broadcast last night on PBS. Dr Height was an amazingly articulate, graceful, inspiring woman filled with resolve and committed to her vision of a just America, and in particular, women’s rights in America.

All American women have lost a leader of the women’s movement. With an impeccable style and flair for presenting herself to the rest of the world, Dr. Height was absolutely a Smart Sensuality woman.

More reading from LA Times.