Donna Karan's Look 6 Shirt | From Runway to Retail

DolceTracker| Do you ever look at runway show fashion, saying “it’s beautiful, but who would wear that?” Today’s Wall Street Journal Odyssey of a White Shirt tracks the evolution of a Donna Karan Look 6 white shirt from the runway to retail.

Look 6 has been re-proportioned based on a size 8. The bust was increased two inches, the sleeves shortened by two inches and the cuff width reduced one inch. The deep V-neck was lessened and now has an additional snap and two clasps. “It’s closed up a bit more, but still maintains that sexiness without being too exposed,” Ms. Karan says.

In all honesty, we like both the final shirt and the ‘look’ of the woman wearing it than the original. Read on at WSJ.