Dolce Vita Drenched | Amber Valletta by Steven Meisel

A visual feast “Sobriety of Style” for your senses, erotic tension with losing a shred of clothing. Vogue Italia October 2001 via foto_decadent. View much more gorgeosity.

Amber Valletta by Steven Meisel via Italian Vogue Oct. 2001This is so strange. I read the first comment on foto_decadent, saying that the visuals looked like the movie “In the Mood for Love”. Pain! I watched this movie with the man who broke my heart completely and totally, selfishing and cowardly.

He will remain nameless. I never tell.

“I’m in the Mood for Love” Trailer

I go to YouTube to verify that indeed this is the movie bringing tears to my eyes, and what’s the first comment? ” The b—— who broke my heart turned me on to this movie, so I have to be grateful, despite carrying a heavy heart.”

The past washes over us at strange moments, and often a single photo unleashes waves of sentiments. Some are joyful, others not. This is life. Anne