Does Man Rule All Nature, Dolphins & Women?

GreenTracker| In ancient Greece, dolphins were seen as messengers for the gods. And while there was no knowledge of the fact that dolphins have lived on Planet Earth for 38-50 million years by current estimates, the mammals were revered and awarded ‘person’ status. 

We explore the connections between the historic loss of animal rights and women’s rights in Returning Ancient Greek ‘Person’ Status to Dolphins, along with the growing international movement to return the dolphin to its previous status as a ‘person’. 

This post comes as Ric O’Barry packed his suitcase for a return to Japan, where “The Cove” may not be shown at all. Taiji is the symbolic home of patriarchal values and dolphin slaughter, but the premises of Taiji — which concern man’s right (gender-specific) to do what he wants with nature and women — is a global reality that threatens us all. Read on in GreenBeings.