Do Machiavellianism And Aggression Score Big Bonuses?

RedTracker| Economics professor Nancy Folbre asks a question with a known answer. How closely is compensation linked to productivity? In the boys club, compensation is tied to revenue, however it’s acquired. The goals are increasingly short-term and not focused on building anything of substance.

Especially in Wall Street — which may be an eyeopener tomorrow, if the politicians can keep their own indicting reprimands at a minimum — there is no interest in creating real equity in the country. About five years ago, finance became a monopoly game. Sometimes it’s strip poker.

Folbre asks: are women actually that much less productive than men? After deducting the time they spend having babies, are women so much less productive than men during those years at work? How exactly do we measure executive productivity in America? Differently than in Europe, for certain.

Social scientists have long observed that a “Machiavellian personality” tends to enhance economic success. So does a great golf game. Next. Read on at NYTimes: Do Nice Gals Finish Last?

I wrote on this topic and the Business Week article referred to by Professor Folbre in Career Women Rules | Make Softspoken Demands.