Do Afghanistan's Women Politicians Really Represent Democratic Progress?

Beyond the Veil| The NYTimes reports that the Afghan Vote Marked by Light Turnout and Attacks.

As Americans wonder exactly what has been accomplished in Afghanistan since 2001, we turn our attention to the Christian Science Monitor’s focus on women politicians in Afghanistan. With 25 percent of the 249 available seats reserved for women, there are just 386 candidates competing for votes.

Even the women’s NGO groups in Afghanistan can’t agree on whether women are making any progress in the country.The CSM is known for journalistic balance, and this story definitely tilts in the direction of women politicians being as corrupted by the patronage system as men. You decide your view at CSM.

“The country is already damaged and there is no room for more damage,” says Shinkai Karokhail, a female member of parliament (MP) from Kabul. Most MPs, she claims, are “in the service of others,” while others are only “thinking about their own pocket, how to empower their own group.” via CSM