DMC Pro-life Pharmacy Loses A Bundle

RedTracker| The Washington Times covered the opening of Divine Mercy Care Pharmacy in Virginia and also the closing.

DMC Pharmacy is one of the country’s few “pro-life pharmacies” that refuse to dispense contraceptives on moral and health grounds, arguing that they cause abortions, lead to promiscuity or endanger a woman’s health.

“Birth control is not health care,” said Robert Laird, executive director of DMC, the Fairfax nonprofit that will own and operate the 1,500-square-footstore at 13945 Metrotech Drive. “We are catering to a special niche of people who like the pro-life message in their business.”

The pro-life pharmacy had two large Catholic parishes with 20,000 members within a mile of its location, and 50,000 Catholics within a five mile radius.

Besides not stocking birth control or condoms, DMC Pharmacy refused to stock cigarettes or saucy magazines. It did have booklets on natural family planning below a picture of St. John Leonardi, the patron saint of pharmacists.

By the time the store closed March 4, it was losing in the tens of thousands of dollars per month. No comment from us. Anne