Dietary Magnesium Enhances Cognitive Function

Love to Eat| Increased mangnesium intake may enhance cognitive abilities, and inadequate levels of magnesium impair cognitive function, leading to faster deterioration of memory in aging humans.

Diet can have a significant impact on cognitive capacity. Identification of dietary factors which have a positive influence on synapses, the sites of communication between neurons, might help to enhance learning and memory and prevent their decline with age and disease.

Enhancing brain function with supplements is challening. Professor Guosong Liu, Director of the Center for Learning and Memory at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China discusses his research in the Jan 28th issue of Neuron.

Half the population of industrialized countries has a magnesium deficit, which increases with aging. This may very well contribute to age-dependent memory decline; increasing magnesium intake might prevent or reduce such decline.” via Science Daily