Did Suicide Hibernate in McQueen's Mind?

DesignTracker| Jacob Bernstein writes an insightful, probing article Alexander McQueen’s Demons for The Daily Beast. Alexander McQueen, a genius of design, tailoring and technical applications to clothes, detested the ‘utter superficiality’ of Hollywood.

It’s a commentary on the world of fashion and corporate branding that McQueen’s genius and ability to make great clothes wasn’t enough to create a successful label. Bernstein writes that unlike Yves St Laurent,  McQueen had no Pierre Berge to deal with the often oppressive rapture of fashion culture.

There’s no doubt that McQueen lived on the edge. A close friend has suggested that suicide lived in McQueen’s mind for ages, that he would not put his mother through the ordeal. Once she died and wasn’t even buried, the concern for McQueen’s mum was no more. 

Who knows if the points are valid or not. But as an outsider, this portrait is the Alexander McQueen I’ve known over the years. Anne

Photo via Jezebel