Details of Decades Old Jerusalem Struggle

Love | Peace Reuters just released an educational feature on Jerusalem with a brief background history that quickly moves readers to the present tense. The vast majority of Americans who support Israel can’t begin to explain the conflict in Jerusalem, which is the intersection of most of the trouble. Originally mandated as an international city, Jerusalem immediately became a war zone between the newly-created Israel and Jordan.

Reuters not only introduces readers to Jerusalem’s modern-day historical and political situation, it cites three key points that we’ve been making since the Biden ‘incident’ two weeks ago:

1. A Israel’s Prime Minister said Monday in Washington, Israel doesn’t view Jerusalem as a settlement. Because Jews lived in the city 3000 years ago, Israel regards Jerusalem and all its holy sites as belonging to Israel, not the world or other religions. This Israeli mentality basically wipes out any history in Jerusalem in the last 3000 years. End of the subject.

2. You get what you fight for. History is an ongoing battle by men for land. Modern-day Israel has won the land of Israel, as armies have won territory since the beginning of civilization. Israel’s military success in Jerusalem gives them the rights of the victor.

3. American Fundamentalist Christians believe that the end of the world and coming of the Messiah will be hastened when all the world’s Jews live in Jerusalem. Conservative Republicans have a vested interest in bringing about the end of the world in Jerusalem. They want a grand showdown in Jerusalem. The involvement of American Christians in “stirring up the pot” in Jerusalem cannot be overestimated.

We beieve it’s very important for the media to start telling simple stories about Jerusalem, along with all the rhetoric, so Americans understand the basic planks of the conflicts in Israel — which all lead to Jerusalem.