Democrats Say They Have 216 Votes to Pass Health Care

Update 1:07 pm: Fox News is reporting that Rep. Bart Stupak says that a deal is near for a presidential exutive order to address the MIchigan Democrat’s abortion funding concerns. The executive order would not require Congressional approval.

Media reported yesterday that Nancy Pelosi had proposed such an executive order but Stupak turned it down yesterday. Read on.

HopeTracker| Democrats say they have the 216 votes to pass today’s health care legislation. Republican House leader John Boehner say they don’t.

Whether the Dems have 214 and want to let the Stupak crowd spend the rest of the day pondering being on the losing side is a possibility. Stupak, of course, will vote ‘no’ but others in his group have broken ranks, especially after 59,000 Catholic nuns say they support the bill. via Wall Street Journal.