Defending the Caveman, Even in the Kitchen

I’ve been living under a rock all these years, reading today about ‘Defending the caveman’, now that the one-man show has come to Dubai.

The original caveman Rob Becker is no longer performing, but the show on why Mars and Venus often seem like oil and vinegar is going strong around the world.

‘Caveman’ made history in 1996 when the New York production gave its 700th performance and became the longest-running solo show in Broadway history. Then mayor Rudi Giuliani declared July 18, 1996 as Caveman Day in New York City.

Google tells us that ‘Defending the Caveman’ will be back in New York beginning off-Broadway previews TONIGHT (am I prescient or what) at The Downstairs Theatre at Sofia’s which is located at 221 West 46th Street. Opening night is set for March 7. Tickets are on sale thru April 18.

I’m not clear who’s playing in New York, because Mark Little is in Dubai, opening tonight.

As for the eternal battle of the sexes — which we can laugh about in some countries, but not others — today’s Wall Street Journal has a timely, funny read: When the Kitchen Knives Come Out.

I had no idea that such warfare still went on in the kitchen, but perhaps that’s because I’ve developed a ‘live and let live’ attitude in the kitchen. And I was the sous chef to a European man who made cooking the most divine experience.

What we need is a religious version of ‘Caveman’, starting with Israelis and Palestinians. Perhaps we can do Congo warlords after that. And to be fair — some version of Dick Cheney meets Saddam Hussein next.

We try to remain engaged in the totality of men’s follies here at Anne of Carversville. Better to laugh than cry, which we spend plenty of time doing.

Has anyone told the world’s cavemen that they can come in from the cold now, in most parts of the world? xoxo Anne