Declining Testosterone Levels and Male Sleep Patterns

RoseTracker| Scientists are reconsidering their premise that a lack of sleep leads to testosterone declines in men. Perhaps the reverse is true. In studying men over 50, researchers in Canada have discovered a link between testosterone levels and quality of deep sleep, causing them to wonder if declining testosterone levels negatively impact sleep patterns in men.

Deep sleep is needed for critical thinking in both sexes. If the research is confirmed, it may reignite the importance of testosterone HRT in men. (Women weren’t tested). Of course there are concerns about HRT, but critical thinking faculties are of paramount importance as one ages. via Telegraph UK

If a man works in financial services, balancing his testosterone levels is more important than ever. Research has already confirmed that men’s testerone levels impact the timing during the day and financial returns of their stock trading decisions. We don’t believe research has been conducted on business decisions.