Deceased Anorexic Model Isabelle Caro's Mother Commits Suicide

Body | Beauty Culture Anorexic model Isabelle Caro’s recent death has caused another tragedy in her family with the announcement that her mother Marie Caro has committed suicide, saying she was consumed with “enormous guilt”.

The Daily Mail writes that Isabelle Caro’s step-father Christian told a Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes that his wife felt guilty for having put Isabelle Caro in Bichat Hospital.

“My daughter did not want to go to that hospital,” says Mr. Caro, who has launched a legal complaint against the hospital, saying that Isabelle Caro died “from the successive consequences of negligence by the medical staff.”

Isabelle Caro said the she had suffered from anorexia since she was 13 as the result of a “difficult childhood”. She weighed just 68 lbs at 5 ft. 4” at the time of her death.

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