David Wojnarowicz | 'Spirituality' | PPOW Galery New York | March-3 to April 9, 2011

ArtTracker| On March 3 an exhibit of David Wojnarowicz’s work called ‘Spirituality’ will open at New York’s PPOW Gallery, which represents the artist’s estate.

‘Spirituality’ will run from March 3-April 9, 2011.

The much maligned censorship of David Wojnarowicz’s ‘Fire in My Belly film by the Smithsonian’s curator G. Wayne Clough, under pressure from incoming House Speaker John Boehner, has created a major chasm in America’s art community.

We will update that dialogue separately.

A four minute cut from ‘Fire in My Belly’ and Anne’s comments can be seen in Old Ladies Rebellion Condemns Censorship at Smithsonian.

Important clarifications about the art project were published by LA Times Culture Monster, including the fact that the film was in progress before David Wojnarowicz knew he had AIDS.

Also the provocative soundtrack that accompanies the video were approved by the Wojnarowicz estate and were part of the artist’s creative inventory but not actually assigned to the film by the artist.

Footage from the never completed ‘A Fire in My Belly’ was given by David Wojnarowicz for use in Rosa von Praunheim’s 1989 film Silence=Death’. The music from Plague Mass by Diamanda Galas — part of the YouTube video 4-minute ‘Fire in My Belly’ is used in Silence=Death.