David Brooks | Mac Guy and Smart, Rational Conservative

HopeTracker| This week’s New York Magazine features Barack Obama’s favorite Conservative David Brooks. We, too, like Brooks — except when he says ‘he’ all the time. We note that DB’s gender talk pronouns have evolved since Anne’s digital explosion.

All odds are that it’s not a good time to ge a thinker in America. After Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and a few other historic figures, America lost all respect for intelligent discourse. David Brooks remains reluctant to throw in the towel and become a partisan rabble-rouser.

It’s true that Brooks spend most of his time with liberals, although his NPR badge remains temporary. We’re digesting this in-depth read How New York ‘Times’ Political Columnist David Brooks Manages to Be Both Irrelevant and Absolutely Essential.

In a picture more telling than his Jewish childhood in Toronto and degree from the University of Chicago, David Brooks appears to be a Mac person. Case closed.