Daily Chocolate's Huge Reductions in Stroke and Heart Attacks


Love to Eat| It’s time to come out of the muck of religious sex scandals and write about sinfully-delicious chocolate. The seductive love potion — the darker the better —  just got another big boost from health researchers in Germany.

Eating as little as a quarter of an ounce of chocolate each day — an amount equal to about one small Easter egg — may lower your risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke, a new study has found. Researchers followed nearly 20,000 people for 8 years, tracking their chocolate consumption and also health statistics.

Compared with people who rarely ate chocolate (about one bar per month), the people who ate the most chocolate (slightly more than one bar per week) had a 27 percent and 48 percent reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, respectively, the researchers found. via CNN

Note: As always one must ask if the overall livestyle habits of chocolate lovers contribute to a healthier lifestyle.