Crystal Renn | Terry Richardson | 'Festin' | Vogue Paris

RoseTracker| Carine Roitfeld starts the day on a controversial note with this Crystal Renn, lensed by Terry Richardson, Vogue Paris editorial ‘Festin’ (banquet). Although Roitfeld is promoting jewels, Crystal Renn’s food lust overpowers the baubles.

Anne digs deeper in her Sensually Yours column, arguing that Carine Roitfeld — as always — is making a controversial editorial statement about our growing global relationship with biggie-size living and out of control consumption. 

Are the photos a volley across the Atlantic to America, where our women are much larger than in France? The blogs are buzzing. Read on: What’s the Beef? Crystal Renn’s ‘Festin’ Vogue Paris Oct 2010 Images.