Crystal Renn | Muse | Can We Talk About Smoking Editorials?

Dots| Crystal Renn looks fab in the current issue of Muse, Winter 2010, lensed by Chad Pitman. This moment only three images are circulating.

Given all the new research about cigarettes, including the facts that smoking impacts our brains negatively from the first puff and that cigarette companies are marketing the ciggies to girls in developing countries in perfume containers, is it time for us all to grow up and stop glamorizing smoking?

I understand that the cigarette is a symbol of female emancipation and independence, sexuality (not sure why) and free thinking. The truth is that smoking kills, and it’s addictive from the first breath. Why do we want to encourage young women that a totally addictive killer is glam?

I’ve always refused to work on cigarette accounts, including Virginia Slims, which cost me dearly in the 80s.

Not to worry, I won’t become a broken record on this topic, but it’s not impressive to always see a model smoking as a sign of independence, knowing the undeniable facts about the harm that smoking does to our health and everyone around us.  Smoking butts are also among the worst environmental problems on the planet in terms of trash. See articles on smoking.