Could the Truth About Female Sexuality Be Disarming?

John Currin’s Embrace of New Eroticism, New Masters Art Is Thrilling, Not Chilling Anne of Carversville

Anne has been roaming the interior recesses of her sensual mind, since reading yesterday’s Kinsey research on couples intimacy after 20 years of marriage. In the five countries under study, women emerge as more sexually demanding in their definitions of relationship satisfaction, contrary to what the American media writes 52 weeks a year.

Perhaps American women will emerge as the weak link, as we do on other studies about the world’s women. John Currin is an artist who does understand female sexuality, and he delivers several new paintings in New York’s Gagosian Gallery.

Barely coming up for air after leaving Currin, Anne turned her attention to the increasing pileup of brain scan research, body-monitoring devices and Internet statistics that reaffirm the truth that what women say about sexuality and what we do are not in sync.

Given the global powers devoted to monitoring our every sensual move, Anne understands the ambivalence. Sometimes it’s great for women to understad that no only are we not deviant, but our thoughts and Internet escapades represent the majority of women in the world — where certain freedoms exist.

Pundits Know Next to Nothing About Women’s Sexual Selves Anne of Carversville

by Rankin