Could China Dash the Dreams of Globalization?

GlobeTracker| This week’s Newsweek cover story on China presents an interesting vision of the future. Naturally China is primarily focused on its own interests in business, culture and international relations. China prefers not to invest its energy in primarily American-dominated international institutions but in emerging ones where the playing field is more level.

Looking forward into the future Newsweek suggests the very real possibility that China will turn away from global free trade as it builds its own economy. Already American businesses are concerned that China is building its own economy without our help — except to buy their products, of course.

In this vision, the future China is more nationalistic with two consumer bases: theirs and the rest of the world. The assumption may be dead wrong that as China grows, it will become more like America, could be dead wrong. They may pick up their poker chips and tighten trade and investment from foreigners because of their own nationalism and preferred form of running the state economy. Read on It’s China’s World We;re Just Living In It.