Copenhagen Roundup Dec. 7, 2009

Copenhagen Summit Whos’s Who Telegraph UK

Connie Hedegaard (Danish climate and energy minister and president of the conference) – “Bringing a bit of much needed glamour to the negotiations, the former broadcaster was an anchor on the Danish news show Deadline. Her role will be key as Denmark could step in at the last minute to save a treaty”. via Telegraph UK

Connie Hedegaard in CopenhagenWe”re creating an information blog today, thanks to the Telegraph UK’s laying out of the players and the issues.

Russia’s Carbon Credit Bank Seen as Barrier to Warming Curb NYTimes

5 Things to Watch for at the Copenhagen Climate-Change Conference TIME *****

Five keys to Copenhagen Politico

As Climate Meeting Starts, a Revival of Skepticism NYTimes

Cimate protesters descend on Copenhagen CNN

Up to 50,000 climate protestors are expected to assemble in Copenhagen. Climate Justice Action is coordinating the protests, according to CNN.

People participating in a ‘flashmob’ ahead of the U.N.climate change conference in Copenhagen

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