Copenhagen Roundup Dec. 4

Canada: Environment Minister Jim Prentice said Canada will align its policy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions with the US — no more, no less. via AP

Brazil, Germany: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Thursday they did not expect a “dream” accord at the Copenhagen climate summit but foresaw a major step forward.

“I do not believe we will achieve the accord we have all been dreaming of,” Lula told reporters after talks with Merkel in Berlin. via AP

India: Greenpeace bought a ticket to help PM Manmohan Singh make up his mind and attend the Copenhagen climate summit. Hundreds of people signed on the ticket that was later delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office.via AHN

New Zealand: Prime Minister John Key has changed his mind and will attend Copenhagen. Not expecting a binding agreement, Key wants to demonstrate commitment to the issue. via Bloomberg

Denmark: Copenhagen’s Low-Carbon Formula: Add Wind Turbines, Subtract Hamburgers NYTimes

Denmark lays out its detailed plan for reducing CO2 emissions, becoming carbon neutral in 2025.

Balanced, theoretical, though-provoking articles on climate change and/or the current ethics controversy

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