Copenhagen Not on American Radar

GlobeTracker Politico writer John Fortier says that last week’s bout of Denmark flu could be mild, compared to what awaits President Obama in a Denmark December.

With so many AC international readers, let me downplay the notion that we think that anti-Americanism led to our Olympic loss. I just Googled the idea and the territory isn’t rich. BUT, I do agree with Fortier’s comment that most Americans don’t even know that December in Copenhagen exists.

We have next to no public dialogue on climate change, and the world’s best hope is that American business — the people we love to hate — are getting very serious about climate change. I raised this topic over dinner Tuesday night with a hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners Wall Street guy, and he agrees.

The best place to put pressure on envioronmental action is with American business. I’ll try to help. Anne Read: Next Denmark meeting may be tricky.