Contraceptive Pill Not Responsible for Estrogen in Drinking Water

RedTracker| No matter what you hear on television or from Tea Party members who want to banish birth control (not all do want to banish birth control, but large numbers support bills that define American citizenship at the moment of conception and would have that next step), the estrogen in birth control pills is NOT responsible for the amount of estrogen found in America’s drinking water supplies.

In a new report appearing in ACS’ journal Environmental Science & Technology, Amber Wise, Kacie O’Brien and Tracey Woodruff estimate that the estrogen in birth control pills contributes only 1% of the estrogen in our water.

Natural estrogens from soy, dairy products, and animal waste used as farm fertilizer contribute to the problem. ALL humans — not just women taking birth control pills — excrete hormones in their urine. No matter what anyone says, contraceptives are not ruining the nation’s water supply.

Some research cited in the report suggests that animal manure accounts for 90 percent of estrogens in the environment. Other research estimates that if just 1 percent of the estrogens in livestock waste reached waterways, it would comprise 15 percent of the estrogens in the world’s water supply. via Science Daily