Contraception in Poor Countries | 25 Million Fewer Abortions

Beyond the Veil| The pill is 50 years old in America but unheard of in many parts of Africa. The Guttmacher Institute says that 215 million women in the world don’t want to become pregnant but aren’t using modern contraception.

Making contraception available to all these women worldwide would cost less than $4 billion, Guttmacher said in an important study published last year. That’s about what the United States is spending every two weeks on our military force in Afghanistan. via NYTimes

Nicholas D. Kristof continues: contraception in poor countries would result in 25 million fewer abortions per year, saving the lives of 150,000 women.

We just had a thought that perhaps the Sarah Palin women and liberals could work together toward the goal of pressuring the patriarchy on contraception. But she has already called President Obama the most pro-abortion president in history. To the best of our knowledge, Sarah Palin supports birth control. Read on for more Kristof.